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Our Fixed Wireless Internet Service provides you with an instant connection to the World Wide Web. is different than other providers, because we establish a dedicated wireless link to your home with a static IP address that's all your own! 

Our connections are symmetrical which means our download speeds are identical to our upload speeds.  You will be able to download a file just as quickly as you're able to upload your photos to your favorite sites!

Home Basic
Home Plus
Home Super


3-4 mbps up/down

 1 Static Public IP Address


Great for email, social networking and connecting wtih friends and family at an affordable price.



4-5 mbps up/down

 1 Static Public IP Address


Surf the Web, watch video clips, and stay connected at speeds much faster than dial-up.



5-6 mbps up/down

 1 Static Public IP Address


Download music and movies, Check Facebook®, and share photos at the speed you need.


Home Turbo


6-7 mbps up/down

 1 Static Public IP Address


Watch YouTube™ videos and TV clips, download large email attachments, and listen to Internet radio at blazing fast speed.

Home Elite


 7-8 mbps up/down

 1 Static Public IP Address


Download movies, video chat, watch streaming video, and play games online at super fast speeds.

Wireless High Speed Internet Provider

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