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Q: Do you service Apartments?

A: No. We are not able to service Apartments due to the liability and permissions involved with the building owners and management.

Q: Do you service my area?

A: We service Corpus Christi and surrounding areas dependent on site survey. Corpus, Calallen, Odem, Sinton, Chapman Ranch, Flour Bluff, Petronilla, Robstown, Violet, Tynan, and Edroy.

Q: Is there a contract or credit check?

A: No, we do not do credit checks. We are a month to month service. All we ask for is a 30 day notice of cancellation if you choose to leave.

Q:Is there an install fee:

A: Yes, Because we are a month to month service we charge an installation/ equipment fee of $249 plus tax. That fee can be broken up into 2 or 3 payments, if you call the office and talk to our finance team.

Q: Is there a data Cap?

A: No. We do not have data caps. We do not throttle your speed after a certain amount of usage and we do not filter your usage. We only cap the speeds according to the package that you order.

Q: Do I need to Buy a Router?

A: Yes. We recommend that you get your own router. That way you choose one that you like and not one that is chosen for you. You will have full control of the router and not rely on us to make changes to the WiFi.

Q: Do we get charged for a Technician coming out to my house?

A: If we go out to repair our equipment, no. If it is not our equipment or if it is to reboot a device then we are going to charge at least a trip charge. Our equipment includes the radio on the roof , cabling, and the POE injector. Computers, routers, and WiFi equipment are not our equipment even if we install and sell these items.

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